Facts & Figures

Here we provide the answers to some questions that we are often asked at Norton Grove.

Policy on 30 day Notification Registration

From 22 January 2018 breeders are required to notify The General Stud Book (GB) within 30 days of the birth of a foal born in Great Britain and bred for racing.

This will enable the BHA to trace the welfare and whereabouts of foals before they arrive in a registered training yard.

Information gained will improve transparency and traceability around the care that breeders and owners provide to thoroughbreds at all stages of their lives.

Notification of birth will be through Weatherbys’ General Stud Book Online system from 22 January 2018: www.weatherbysgsb.co.uk.

Notification can be completed at the same time as foal registration (which is a separate process) and will be on the same platform, cutting out any need for double entry.

There will be no additional fees for notification of birth if carried out within the 30-day window, though an ascending fee structure will be in place for any notifications made after the 30 days have elapsed.


How long does gestation take in a horse?  Gestation will last between 320 and 370 days with an average of 340 days.

How early can you see a foal’s heart beat on a scan?  At the second scan, which is 25 days, you can see the heart beating.

What is the record number of foals delivered at Norton Grove in one season?  Our record is 89.

How many stallions do you stand at Norton Grove?  We have three stallions, Pastoral Pursuits, Milk It Mick and Forever Now.

How many foals do you deliver in a typical season?  We usually deliver between 60 and 90 foals a season.

How many races did the progeny of Monsieur Bond collectively won?  Over 400

Which Group races did Milk It Mick win?  Dewhurst Stakes (Group 1), Tattersalls Stakes (Group 3), Frank E Kilroe Mile (Grade 1)

How big is Norton Grove Stud?  We have over 100 acres of paddocks.